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Well-Trusted Cat Boarding in the Ottawa Area

Planning a vacation or a business trip can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to figure out what to do with your cat if you’re unable to take them with you. When it comes to cat boarding, not all kennels are created equal. Take some of the anxiety and stress out of your trip preparations and make the necessary arrangements for your cat to stay at Algonquin Animal Hospital. With 10 spacious cat boarding suites available, we’re proud to be among Ottawa’s most trusted cat boarding options.

We offer a homey, comfortable environment with plenty of climbing towers for your cat to explore and an ample amount of space for them to run around in with all of their new friends. Most importantly, your cat is kept in proximity to our veterinarians and the rest of our well-qualified staff should they become sick. Letting your cat board with us while you’re away will help ease your anxieties, as well as your cat’s. Our staff enjoys pampering your cats while they’re here!

black cat curiously looks into camera

The Benefits of Cat Boarding While You’re Away

Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t enjoy spending large amounts of time alone. While they may seem a bit standoffish at times, they’re actually very social creatures yearning for love and attention. There are many benefits of boarding your cat with us while you’re away, including:

  • Less Inconvenience – Why inconvenience a friend or family member with caring for your cat when you can trust our staff of animal lovers who are more than ready to pamper your cat with lavish attention the entire time you’re away?
  • Access to Medical Attention – Obtain peace of mind that if in the unlikely event your cat becomes sick or injured while you’re away, they have immediate access to medical attention and their records for better care. If your cat requires regular medications, you can also rest assured that we’re here to administer them properly.
  • Access to Special Foods and Supplies – You can count on our staff to ensure that your cat is given an adequate amount of food and water to keep them properly fed and hydrated. If your cat is on a special diet, we have many specialty pet foods and supplies on-hand to ensure that your cat never runs out during the duration of their stay.

Make Arrangements for Cat Boarding at Our Facility

To learn more about our cat boarding options in Ottawa, please contact us today via phone or email. A member of Algonquin Animal Hospital’s caring, knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to answer your questions or help alleviate your fears and concerns about cat boarding. Give your cat the attention and vacation they deserve while you’re away!

Schedule an Appointment for Your Pet Today!